There’s a girl roleplaying a character on WoW who is a … 

wait hold on I need to get this right

Okay she’s a ‘draenei night elf troll demon hybrid’ covered in glowing tattoos who has the ability to transform into any horde and alliance race so that she can be 'chaotic and terrible without -looking- like aful-blown demon, as she does in her primary disguise.'

She can also transform into any non-playable race and mob that you encounter in the world. As well as that she can become a dragon twice the size of Deathwing, with blue flames and hooves. 

She can switch from being a druid to a rogue whenever she wants. She’s also been a death knight at some point. 

It’s okay though because according to the creator, her hair and skin colour stay the same so anyone who personally knows her can make out who she is so she’s not ‘OP’. 

This character loves gore, playing with people’s organs, and she’s ‘unnaturally’ sexy according pretty much every male character this person also creates. 

I’m not even making this shit up. 

I just …. 

… Why??